The 1st Vogtländische Gitarre-Förderverein Erlbach e. V. introduces itself

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The association " Vogtlaendische Gitarre Foerder Verein " (Vogtland's association for promoting the guitar) was founded in 1993 and aims to foster and promote the cultivation of guitar playing in conjunction with the long established local guitarbuilding tradition of the Vogtland region. Membership in the association is open to everyone who enjoys the guitar and its music. At present there are 81 members from all walks of life including professional players, students, amateur enthusiasts and musiclovers in general. These members are dispersed throughout many parts of the world and their age ranges from 21 to 87! All united through their love of the guitar and the Vogtland region.

The Vogtland "music corner " refers to a small section of the Vogtland region in south western Saxony, Germany. This area once enjoyed a high international profile and up until the outbreak of Worldwar 2 was the principle centre in Europe for the manufacture and production of musical instruments. There is no other place in the world where a 300 year old tradition of instrument building, concentrated in such a small area, still thrives and produces all manner of top quality orchestral and solo musical instruments. The association strives to promote international recognition of this remarkable region and its traditions both past and present.

The association organizes a wide range of activities throughout the year, principally the courses for guitar and mandolin which attract participants to the region from all over the world. Since 1993 these courses have established themselves firmly in the European festival calendar.

In order to continue these courses and related activities, the association is always keen to win new members and sponsors. Donations are welcome and are tax deductable. More information regarding membership can be supplied on request.

A warm and sincere " Dankeschoen" to all friends, members, sponsors, and advertisers who have supported the association. It is only through this support that the realization of such courses and activities at the highest artistic level is made possible.

* Ministry for arts and sciences in conjunction with the Saxony music council.
* Culture Foundation of Saxony
* Vogtland Cultural Convention
* Sparkasse Vogtland
* Erlbach town council
* private sponsors