XXth International Festival Abel Carlevaro

Our Team
Over the years, an international team of assistants has evolved and integrated into the workings of the course. They assist in the group work (morning sessions) devoted to the learning of mechanism.

Leon Frijns (Nederlands)
Leon Frijns studied at the Conservatorium voor Muziek in Maastricht, as well as participating in masterclasses given by well-known guitarists. Since 1990 he teaches the guitar at the Conservatoire de Musique du Nord in Luxemburg. From 1998 he made a special study of the guitar teaching of Abel Carlevaro, studying at first with assistants and later with Carlevaro himself. Since, Leon Frijns is appreciated as a teacher of the Carlevaro Technique at international guitar seminars. In 2005, Leon qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. It is his wish to integrate this practical technique in daily life and especially in performing and teaching music.

Janez Gregoric (Austria)
Janez Gregoric studied guitar at the Hochscule fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria, with Prof. Martin Myslivecek. In 1995 he was awarded a state scholarship to study the Carlevaro guitar school with Patrick Zeoli, Berlin. Following this he studied with Abel Carlevaro during a series of visits to Montevideo over a period spanning several years. In addition he has taken part in courses and classes with Maria Livia Sao Marcos, John Duarte, Alfredo Escande, Gordon Crosskey,David Russell, Roland Zimmer and others. Janez Gregoric performs frequently in many parts of Europe both as solist and in chamber music ensembles and since 1998 has been teaching at various international guitar courses. He is recognized as a specialist and authority on the guitar school of Abel Carlevaro. In 1999 he produced a monograph ' Abel Carlevaro - his work as a a milestone in the development of the guitar ' and in 2002 he published his first CD " Hommage a Abel Carlevaro".

Rene Toriello (Guatemala)
Rene Toriello made his first guitar studies in Guatemala with Alejandro Herrera and Manuel lopez Ramos and has participated in classes and seminars with Alvaro Pierri, Jaime Zenamon, Quiqe Sinesi, Juan Falu, Jose luis Merlin and Abel Carlevaro. As guitarist, bassist and percussionist he has worked in both a solo capacity and with various groups involving a wide variety of styles ( Salsa, Flamenco, Jazz and World Music). He has devised and directed many ensembles and duos with a strong emphasis on the music of Latin America. Rene Toriello has been involved in numerous CD recordings, radio and television productions , music theatre projects and has concertised in both Europe and the Americas. For many years he has been teaching guitar at the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule, Berlin ,and the International Guitar Festival " Abel Carlevaro " in Erlbach.

Patrick Zeoli (Irland - Argentina)
Patrick Zeoli was born in Argentina, grew up in Ireland and lives today in Germany. This multifaceted background has had a decisive influence on his artistic development. A former student of Abel Carlevaro, Carlo Domeniconi and Eduardo Fernandez, he has travelled and performed w idely in Europe and the Americas, participating in all kinds of festivals and artistic events. In addition to his classes in Berlin he regularly teaches seminars to guitarists in Bolivia, Estonia and Ireland. Patrick Zeoli is an acknowledged authority on South american music of all types and has developed the study of guitar technique based on improvisation.